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Abdulhamid Abdalla was born in Al Hasaka (Syria) as son of a big farmer with Armenian and Kurdish ancestors. He worked on his family's farm until he moved at the age of 18 to Damascus to study Fine Arts. At the age of only 23 he became one of the most famous and influential artists in Syria. After numerous international exhibitions, Abdalla is now living and working in Hamburg, Germany. If you ask Abdulhamid Abdalla how he begins his paintings, his answer is: "I paint what I feel". His works are always a result of his feelings or an impulse. "The white surface forces me to grasp it with my mind." Abdulhamid Abdalla is focusing on figurative art in painting, installation art, photography and video art.    

Expressionistic symbolism by Abdulhamid Abdalla
One of his main ideas: the dichotomous split of mankind into men and women is an illusion. Abdulhamid Abdalla pursues the idea of the unity of sexes out of his observation through intercultural and historical perspectives. Extraterrestrial relatives are affecting human’s interactions and their development on earth. In his figures, he analyses taboo issues by visualizing archetypes of deep internal emotions. Sex and spirituality, inner rising, death and rebirth. One of his main motifs: allegories of the issues he deals with. Abdulhamid Abdalla wants to break taboos by showing humans beauty and cruelty revealing and free in their natural composition. He assumes the role of a universal researcher - historian, philosopher and psychologist. "I symbolize your unconscious ongoing thoughts."

Extraterrestrial Life, Unity of the Sexes, Death, Rebirth, Sex and Spirituality
Like a time traveler Abdulhamid Abdalla wants to unite history of human being in his works. He considers mankind history as a perpetual motion machine, recurring over and over within the whole universe. Each creature’s cells or synapses are involved in this circle, experiencing Dystopia and Utopia over and over again. He performs a journey through time analyzing human’s duties and meanings in their role as earth creatures. Abdulhamid Abdalla’s work is full of modern, mythological signs and symbols. And the one he creates on his own, giving them a very special and individual meaning. His work is always a result of an unconscious inner process. To emphasize this he uses childish drawings, which he creates by using his left hand for painting. Frequently Abdulhamid Abdalla proves his outstanding skills by painting with two hands at the same time. Characteristically for his paintings are pretentious gold and morbid rusty colors, to express the thin line between perfection and imperfection.
"Above all I try to make the music of things become visible. While I am painting I often remember the sound and the melody of the pictures, which are always waiting in my inside to be expressed."
"My hand cracks the line between light and shade. It reaches into the realm of colours and animates shapes and symbols onto canvas. Between the walls of memories and the memories of walls, a tune of time is breathing to unravel a mystery, and to create infinite compositions."
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